Ronald Walla


Ronald Walla

CEO of Wismilak Group & Ketua Apindo UMKM-IKM

Ronald Walla is currently heading the family business in the division of Indonesian cigarette company, PT. Wismilak Inti Makmur, Tbk. (IDX: WIIM).  He took the three-generations company public in 2012 and as the president director leading the organization through transformation since then.  Thriving the company through modernizing its infrastructure and people development program to overcome the fast-changing consumerism era.He is also over-seeing the other business group which are in natural herbs (PT. Jamu Iboe Jaya), food & beverage (Sativa Group), dry cleaning, and property (commercial and residential in Asia and the U.S.) group of businesses.

Having passion in Computer Network, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, he also started his startup since college years in the United States between 1991-2002.  In 1994, he started to explore web development, webhosting & colocation businesses.  He then spent two years in a US Federal defense data loading project before continuing his master degree program.  20 years later, under the umbrella of PT. Padi Internet (PadiNet) holding company, he provides services in the field of internet connectivity, cloud computing, data center, system integration, and e-commerce ventures.

His responsibilities are also growing his big family wealth through good family governance running the family office managing the five generation of family operation. Besides sports, music and travelling, as a Protagonist person, his passion has been in people mastery.  He formalized the family foundation in 2013, Wismilak Foundation, engage in extensive human resource development programs in the companies, and initiated his life purpose mission through Passion Development Program Passionville, and Entrepreneurship Program Diplomat Success Challenge (DSC) since in 2010, and APINDO Chair of SME (DPN 2019-2024).

Ronald Walla is active in various domestic and global organizations, such as Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Young President Organization (YPO), IKAL, and currently among others is on the national board of The Employers’ Association of Indonesia (APINDO) leading the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) national team, helping the private and public sectors to promote and develop SME program in Indonesia.

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