Klemens Rahardja


Klemens Rahardja

Founder The Entrepreneur Society

Klemens Rahardja Founder The Entrepreneur Society.

Klemens Rahardja is an avid start up investor, and an advocate of entrepreneurship. He has helped more than hundreds of new businesses to start and flourish, locally and internationally in their seed and startup stage as a direct investor and/or mentor and advisor. These includes profit and not for profit organizations, privately owned businesses and government bodies, be it from his expertise in building extensive networks, business development or direct angel investing and venture capital.

Right now, back in Indonesia, Klemens is building an extensive network of entrepreneurs through The Entrepreneurs Society, an entrepreneurial community he created to connect all aspiring entrepreneurs to the seasoned one for mentor ship and guidance.

Klemens experienced his first entrepreneurial gig when he was in his second year in the university, and found the essence of entrepreneurship that he holds dear until today. To him, entrepreneurship is about focusing in helping other people first, the money will come later. Finding solution to the current world problems is among one of his agenda.

Klemens is passionate about utilizing his expertise & wide connections within the International Trading, Property Development and Investment arena to source and identify profitable opportunities across the South East Asia and Australia on behalf of his investors, clients and customers. He thrills in networking and identifying creative strategies in establishing a win-win outcome for all parties involved, without compromising on his client’s interest, which is the core focus of his business

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